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Bruce is truthful, honest, dependable, and most of all he cares. I would recommend to anybody.

- Scott C.

Dear Bruce, I just want to thank you for all that you have done for my family. My father spoke of you often. I truly believe that he thought of you as a friend and not just his attorney. You stuck by him when many others did not. I know that he is truly grateful for all of your hard work. When he went into the hospital, he told my mom that if anything happened to him to "call Bruce. He will help you." Well, you did just that and we can't thank you enough.

- Ben and Lorrie H.

"I'm not showing up to a gun fight with a knife, and I damn well ain't going to court without Terry Ginn!" Several years ago, I was a defendant in a civil action going to trial. Needing a lawyer, I was fortunate to find Raymond "Terry" Ginn to represent me. In a landmark case, Terry successfully defended me and ultimately all deed holders in the state. Terry also defended me in several other court appearances related to this action. All told, when the smoke cleared, the final score was: Terry Ginn: 5; Bad Guys: 0. I tell anyone asking my advice about hiring a lawyer, "If all the other lawyers were free, I'd still hire Terry Ginn."

- Ray R.

I was a client of Terry Ginn's at the Ginn and Vickery Law Firm in connection with damage claims against firms involved in home remodeling work. Incorrect installation of a product resulted in serious damage to my fourth generation family home and the need for expensive repairs. After my fruitless efforts to hold these firms accountable, Terry agreed to take the case and filed a lawsuit on my behalf. Terry was successful in prosecuting the case and in reaching a substantial out-of-court settlement that recovered most of my damages. In this case, Terry faced a team of attorneys from three large law firms. In the end, Terry's skillful conduct of the case resulted in these attorneys offering to settle out of court to avoid risk of losing the case and setting a precedent damaging to their interests. I was very happy with Terry's handling of my case and would recommend his firm to anyone in need of effective legal representation.

- John M.

As a client of Raymond E. Ginn, Jr. for 22 years on a workers' compensation claim, that was won through the PA Commonwealth Court and was precedent into law, with your professional knowledge and kindness of you and your staff, I would like to thank you. I would recommend anyone who is injured at the workplace or in an auto accident, and needs a lawyer, to contact your office, as you are the best. Thanks to all of you again for winning my claim.

- Walter E.

Dear Bruce, I had been going through the most difficult time when I met you. You were personable and knowledgeable. You helped me to feel comfortable at a very uncomfortable time in my life. I could not have gone through this time without your sincere help, courteous and kind, personable way. I cannot express enough the appreciation that I have for his help and finalization with positive effects in my life and my children's lives. Your representation was absolutely perfect in a not so perfect world. Thank you so much!

- Lorraine N.

In January of 2007, I was involved in an accident. I contacted Bruce Vickery in which he immediately responded and met with me. His knowledge and professionalism comforted me through this experience. I know that my interests and wellbeing are always his top priority during this difficult time.

- Kim T.

It is of great thanks that I send to you, my letter of recommendation of Attorney Vickery. During my time of need, after being in a real bad wreck, I asked Attorney Vickery to come to my aid as I was still concerned that I would be sued for all that I have worked for, even knowing and being told by PA State Police that the wreck wasn't my fault. When I requested his support in lawyer knowledge, he came to me while I was laid up in the Green Home healthcare facility. He not only told me he would handle my case, but actually went to the State Police and got pictures of the actual wreck that just happened to be recorded by a video camera that was recording on the front of a drug store when the wreck happened. He then proceeded to handle the case very professionally and got a finding in my favor. He also, to this day, gives me small bits of legal advice, which I am very thankful for, even it is above and beyond what he is required to do. If I ever need an attorney again, he will be the first one I call.

- Larry E.

Bruce, We appreciate all your time, effort and due diligence! Many thanks again to you and your team.

- Brian and Wanda W.

After sustaining a serious injury at work, I was under constant harassment by my employer and workers' comp. to return to work, despite having had three specialists tell me not to return. There was even a case worker stalking me, showing up at all of my appointments. I was receiving phone calls daily from specialists and hospitals for payment for bills that workers' compensation should have been taking care of. Having no experience with a work injury, I consulted with several local attorneys. I was given advice like, "It's all part of the game, you just have to play the game," to "this thing can drag on for years..." That was when I could even get a return phone call. Within 24 hours after hiring Bruce Vickery (who does return phone calls very promptly), the phone calls and harassment stopped from everyone. From the day I hired Bruce to the time we agreed to an equitable settlement was less than 3 months. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for your perseverance and dedication.

- Rodney C.

Dear Bruce & Staff, I wish to thank you all for your help and your patience. Bruce is very knowledgeable and professional about workers' comp. issues, but yet he's a person you can sit and talk to about your case and feel very comfortable. Mr. Vickery got my case settled a long time before I thought it would be settled, plus he got a great and fair settlement for me. Thank you again for everything. I will be sure to recommend your firm to anyone that may need your help in the future.

- Sharon B.

We would highly recommend Bruce for a lawyer. He always answered our questions, and was always there for us. He did a very good job and was consistent in every aspect. He always informed us of every action and told us the next process and what to expect. Good job Bruce. If we ever need another lawyer, you will be the one.

- Ron and Jean B.

I would like to encourage those who have been injured to take steps to secure their health and happiness again. I was injured at work in May of 1992. Mr. Ginn and Mr. Vickery listened to me, advised me, and Mr. Ginn fought for me for 15 years. I had many problems as a result of my original injury and Mr. Ginn stuck by me through all of them. It is wonderful to know that there are still people who care about what is right. I recommend Mr. Ginn, Mr. Vickery, Jackie, and Amy with the greatest praise.

- Lin A.

Dear Mr. Vickery, I was happy with your representation. I feel you did represent me to the best of your ability within the confines of the law. You worked hard on my behalf, and obtained a reduction of medical charges. You personally also took a lesser fee to help me to receive a bigger settlement. I would recommend you to others. Again, thank you for your hard work.

- Bonnie Q.

I went to Bruce Vickery as I had an injury to my left hand due to working at factories for many years. Mr. Vickery took my case, believing we could win, and I saw that not only was he compassionate, but in the courtroom he really knew what he was doing. I consider him to be the best when it comes to law. It took only a few months and he did win the case for me. I recommend him for anyone needing a lawyer. He's the best!

- Judy S.

Dear Mr. Vickery, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did handling my husband's estate. At a time when I was confused and not sure what to do, I received words of advice and knew I could trust you to guide me through all the legal problems that came from losing a husband in an accident, and in settling his estate after. I'll always be grateful for your kind and expert advice.

- Martha M.

Raymond E. Ginn, Jr., known to me as Terry Ginn, was very professional, informing, and excelled in his profession. Terry never ignored his calls and was prompt at calling back. Terry is, in my honest and humble opinion, which everyone is entitled to, one of the best injury lawyers in the business. In closing, I would like to say that Terry did an excellent job representing me and I would hire him again. I can't quit writing without acknowledging Terry's staff. They also treat you with utmost respect and will make you feel like family.

- David W.

I was hurt at work in an accident. We saw Terry and felt very comfortable with him. We were very satisfied with the outcome and have never had a bit of worry. Terry does all that for you. I have stopped in to ask questions from time to time, and they call you by your first name and make you feel like family. I hope we never have a case where we need that kind of help again, but if we do, we know where to go.

- Dawn M.

Dear Mr. Ginn, I was a former client of yours, and I have only the best to say about you. In my opinion, you went above and beyond to make sure that my rights were taken care of. I had all the trust in the world in you, and you never let me down! For that I am still grateful, and I thank you still for being there for me when I needed you.

- Inge V.

I injured my knee at work. I got on the internet and started looking for a lawyer. I knew I could not afford a long period of time, so I had to work fast. I talked to a few lawyers and even emailed a few. I came across an ad on my phone book, GINN & VICKERY, P.C. I looked at Bruce's picture and to me, the picture made him look honest and would tell a person actually what is going on. I took a chance and called to see if he could help me. When I met Bruce, I felt very comfortable. I believed if I could be helped, he could help me. At the hearing, I again felt secure with Bruce at my side. I felt the questions he was asking were to the point and needed to be put on record. After the hearing, I had the surgery on my foot. I started getting checks very shortly after the hearing. That impressed me a lot and made me feel like I made the right choice with Bruce. I felt comfortable with Bruce. He was honest and professional, and I felt like he was "just one of the guys." Since this, I've emailed Bruce on other legal questions and even though I may do it more than I should, he does take the time to email me back. I have been asked by friends and other people if they needed a lawyer who I would recommend. I would simply say yes, I know one--go see my buddy Bruce.

- Ken R.

Thank you for all you and this office has done for us! God bless you!

- Mike and Dorrie S.

I was very unfortunate to have injured my knee while fighting a barn fire for the local fire department and I had to deal with a workers' compensation claim. To make a long story short, the doctors at Guthrie messed around for more than a year and finally decided that I should have artificial knee surgery. Needless to say, the compensation insurance company denied the knee replacement surgery, stating that it was a pre-existing condition (arthritis) and denied any further treatment to my knee. Frustrated, I contacted Mr. Bruce Vickery. He took the case and after dealing with the WC courts, a satisfactory settlement was reached, thanks to Mr. Vickery's legal knowledge, compassion, and tactfulness. I would recommend Bruce for any legal business.

- Richard G.

I am writing to thank you for all of your assistance in my workmen's comp. case. It seemed to take forever and you stood behind me and won every time we went to battle. Without your assistance, I feel I would have been knocked down and thrown out on the line to dry in a bad rainstorm. You never gave up and went to bat for me, doing everything possible to ensure that justice prevailed. I will recommend you to anyone who needs the help you can provide.

- Terri D.

Bruce, you are awesome and have a great staff! Thanks so much for all you have done for me. I will definitely refer you to anyone that needs assistance because you are great at what you do.

- Kevin S.

I was very satisfied with the representation with you and you treated me with respect on my case with Truck Lite and workers' comp. You told me things that I didn't know of workers' comp. and Truck Lite as of what they could do and could not do. It was a very learning experience.

- Ruth Ann W.