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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

When you’re injured or fall ill due to a workplace accident or condition, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but often the claims process can hit roadblocks. We’re here to help you successfully press your claim or file an appeal. We have 60 years of combined experience to bring to the task.

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Raymond E. “Terry” Ginn, Jr., Esq.

Partner, Director, & Senior Litigation Attorney

Raymond E. “Terry” Ginn, Jr., Esq. leads the team at Ginn & Vickery, PC. Operating from the firm’s offices in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, he heads up a group of legal professionals who will help you move forward in life after a workplace injury.

Terry’s guiding motto is: "We want to take the weight off of our clients' shoulders and lead them toward solutions they can count on." Accordingly, he and his team will pursue your claim for workers’ compensation benefits vigorously.

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Bruce L. Vickery, Esq.

Managing Partner, Attorney at Law

Bruce L. Vickery, Esq. serves as managing partner with Ginn & Vickery, PC. His motto is: "Our goal is to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves." A resident of Wellsboro, he is also active in several community causes.

In testimonials, his clients have praised him as “personable and knowledgeable.” “honest” and “compassionate,” and have thanked him for his “kindness and expert advice.” Bruce is devoted to making a difference in the lives of his clients.

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Trust Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

For help with pursuing fair compensation.

Though the workers’ compensation system is no-fault and should work seamlessly, you can still face barriers in filing your claim. The insurers can ask for more medical documentation and make other demands. We are here to help you meet these demands.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

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    Filing Deadlines

    If you want to receive benefits from the first day of your injury or onset of occupational disease, you must file a claim within 21 days. Filing later than 120 days will likely be rejected.

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    When Will You Be Notified?

    This varies, but if you missed time from work because of an injury or illness, you must be notified of acceptance or rejection within 21 days from the first day that you missed work.

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    Pursuing an Appeal

    If you receive a Notice of Compensation Denial and you filed your claim within 120 days, then you have three years after the date of injury to appeal, but you should contact us and act fast.

Let Us Help You Pursue Your Rightful Benefits

What Our Firm Offers

Knowledge & Experience

With 60 years of combined experience in helping others obtain the compensation they deserve, we have the knowledge and resources to help your workers’ compensation claim.

Passionate Representation

Your case doesn’t get assigned down the line and shuffled between staff. We proudly offer one-on-one service based on compassion and dedication to your full rights.

Strong Communication

Just as we don’t put some cases on the proverbial back burner, we also pride ourselves on maintaining quality, accessible, and regular communication with all of our clients.

Let’s Work Through This Together

If you’re injured or suffering an occupational illness that prevents you from working, the workers’ compensation system should be there to help you, but your employer or workers’ compensation insurer might use delaying tactics. Don’t let them. We can help you assemble the documentation needed for your claim.